• Ash-free high-octane additive OKTAN FORAS

    Product Information

    Ash-free high-octane additive for automotive gasolines «OKTAN FORAS»

    TU 0257-002-65042305-2014

    This chemical product (ash-free additive) is manufactured using С1 to С3 aliphatic alcohols, isopropyl alcohols, diisopropyl and other esters.

    The additive is designed to increase performance properties of various grades of automotive gasoline. It has the following effects:

    • enhance the fuel’s antiknock properties;
    • effectively increase the gasoline’s octane number;
    • improve stability of the gasoline;
    • ensure motorized transport’s lowered toxicity of emissions (СО и СН).

    Further information about the physical and chemical properties of the ash-free high-octane additive for automotive gasoline «OKTAN FORAS» is listed in the table below:

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