• Hydrate inhibitor

    Product Information

    ТU 2421-001-65042305-2013

    This product is a mixture of two components: methyl alcohol (GOST 2222-95) and distilled water. At the same time, this hydrate inhibitor available in two versions:

    • hydrate inhibitor – 10 (HК1);
    • hydrate inhibitor – 50 (HК2).

    The main application of this petrochemical product — is in the natural gas industry, where it is widely used as an inhibitor of the formation of hydrate plugs in the systems of production, collection and preparation of gas. In addition, it is used fairly often for pressure testing pipelines during the cold season.

    For your convenience, all physical and chemical properties of the product are gathered in the table below:

    купить ингибитор гидратообразования оптом

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