• Industrial Formalin

    Product Information

    Petrochemical product formalin, GOST-1625-89. The compound is a simple aqueous solution of formaldehyde gas (generally 37-40%), and containing 6-15% of methanol (or formaldehyde polymerization inhibitor, and about 1% methanol).

    Industrial formalin is a clear and colorless flammable liquid. When combined with air, its vapors form an explosive mixture. Formalin’s toxic and flammable proberties are due to its formaldehyde and methanol content. The compound has a flash point of 62о — 80оС.

    Industrial formalin is currnetly used in various fields:

    • in agriculture for treatment of seeds and root vegetables, as well as disinfecting the soil and livestock premises;
    • in leather manufacturing as part of the tanning process;
    • in the textile industry to enhance the product’s resistance to wrinkling and shrinking;
    • during manufacturing of paper in order to enhance the strength and quality of paper;
    • for manufacturing synthetic resins, synthetic rubber, polyhydric alcohols, and others;
    • formalin of higher grades is used in medicine as a disinfectant.

    The product’s technical characteristics are listed in the table below.

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