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    Our company offers wholesale supply of petrochemical product Methanol. Components: methyl alcohol (wood alcohol, carbinol, methyl hydrate, methyl hydroxide) — CH3OH. The compound is a simple monohydric alcohol.

    Methanol is colorless and toxic! Furthermore, when methanol is mixed with air, with the methanol vapor concentration between 6.72% and 36.5% by volume, an explosive mixture is formed. Additionally, methanol can be mixed with water and most organic solvents in any proportion.

    Methyl alcohol is synthetically manufactured: from carbon monoxide and hydrogen.

    Applications range of methanol.

    Most often, methanol is used in various industries and production:

    • in organic chemistry — as a solvent;
    • in production of natural gas — to combat the formation of hydrates;
    • in organic synthesis — for the production of formaldehyde, formalin, acetic acid and some esters, isoprene, and others;
    • in the paint industry — for the manufacturing of solvents in the production of varnishes;
    • as a component in fuel — as an additive to liquid fuels used in internal combustion engines;
    • in production of biodiesel fuel;
    • for manufacturing of perfumes — as a denaturant additive.

    Chemical product methanol is a dangerous, highly flammable liquid. It’s auto-ignition temperature is only 440оC (824оF). In addition, methanol is dangerous to humans because it is a potent neuro-vascular toxin.

    Currently, we sell methanol of grade «А» and grade «Б». The technical specifications for each grade are listed in the table below.

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